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Tanmay Gupta

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About Me

I'm an aspiring astronomer from Malaysia and India studying Physics and Aerospace Engineering at Caltech. I have lived around the world in Indonesia, Gabon, Mexico and now here in the USA.

I want to work at the intersection of science and engineering on space missions. Space exploration is a human endeavour and I want to meet people and make friends as we further this mission together.
I am currently working on the ASTHROS balloon mission at NASA JPL.

Some of my hobbies inlcude:

Playing Volleyball

Making Music on the Piano and Clarinet

Teaching and sharing Science

Stargazing and Camping

Travelling around the World

Space Objects Imaged


I also enjoy stargazing and astrophotography. Both are much easier to do in dry California than Kuala Lumpur's cloudy skies.

Currently Reading

Cloud Cuckoo Land

I love reading and am buried in this book by Anthony Doerr. I highly recommend it for historical fiction lovers and scientists too!

Skills & Experience

Please see my resume for a more complete description of my skills and experiences.

My Skills

Public Speaking
B.S. Physics
Aero Eng Minor

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) '24

GPA: 4.0
Courses: Waves, Quantum Physics, Thermodynamics, Physics Lab, Stat Mech
Bayesian Stats, Diff Eqs, Lin Alg
Computing Systems, Software Design
IB Diploma

International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) '20

GPA: 7.0/7.0
Diploma Points: 45/45
Higher Level: Physics, Math, Chemistry, Economics
Lunar Product Designer

Caltech AIAA Chapter NASA BIG Idea Challenge Team
Sep '20 - Nov '21

Designed and prototyped a winning lunar dust mitigation technology called HOMES for the Artemis moon missions

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jun '22 - Present

Developed software to predict data output from the ASTHROS balloon mission based on imperfections in radio telescope antenna
Undergraduate Research Fellow

Jun '21 - May '22

Developed software to automate data collection and processing from next-gen MKID detectors for the SuperSpec instrument on the Large Millimeter Telescope and TIM balloon mission
NGO Summer School Mentor

Society for Promotion of Science & Technology in India (SPSTI)
Summer '18 - '19'

Mentored and taught science to underprivileged kids in villages with the aim of giving them access to lab experiments not typically available to them

My Projects

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Photo Gallery

Pismo Beach, CA
Man vs Nature
Singapore Changi Airport
Hide and Seek
Palomar Observatory, CA

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tggupta (at) caltech.edu

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